RFP 2010-03-SH Work Reintegration: Vocational and Functional Assessments

RFP 2010-03-SH – Work Reintegration: Vocational and Functional Assessments
The WSIB is committed to helping injured/ill workers recover their health, go back to work, and move forward with their lives with dignity. We are also committed to running programs that are effective, cost efficient and results oriented. To help achieve these goals, the WSIB is establishing a new integrated Labour Market Re-entry (LMR) and Return to Work (RTW) program called the Work Reintegration Program.
The WSIB is issuing a RFP for proven quality organizations with demonstrated successful outcomes to provide Vocational and Functional Assessment Services for approximately 5,000 workers annually who have permanent physical or psychological impairments as a result of a work injury or illness. These services include assessments of skills, aptitudes and abilities to determine a worker’s work reintegration and/or vocational potential.

The WSIB is interested in establishing a roster of service providers to perform the full range of assessment services as described in the RFP. We are looking for organizations with the ability to quickly respond to WSIB service requests, and effectively conduct assessments according to the worker’s individual needs and circumstances.

The WSIB’s preference is for organizations currently able to offer a full range of vocational assessments and functional assessments. The WSIB will consider organizations that do not currently have this full range capability, as long as they have the ability – and are prepared to commit – to acquire such capability.

The RFP will be open until July 30, 2010. The document can be found on either the MERX or Biddingo websites.