Will ownership of a clinic be regulated?

Allegations of fraud in the Ontario auto insurance rehabilitation industry are increasing. One remedy would be the regulation of clinic ownership. Based on this recent Toronto Star article it appears that the government is setting the stage to regulate ownership.

“Travel around Toronto and you will see more and more of these rehabilitation clinics popping up. Anybody can open one and they are not regulated. One New York man with an auto insurance fraud conviction is listed as administrator of a Mississauga clinic.”

Since auto insurance is mandatory, it is a de facto tax, and thus an election issue. It appears the current government wants to show it is cleaning up the system. Regulation of clinic ownership may be the next step.

“It’s tough to police a system where clinic owners and staff do not need any accreditation or credentials and get unrestricted access to confidential health information.”

Read the full story, by Michele Henry, in The Toronto Star.