Here at Metriks, we strive to provide world-class education for healthcare professionals involved in the Assessment Industry. However, sometimes we wonder if our training will have a lasting impact? Although a lot our success depends on those we train, we believe that our support doesn’t end when the training session is over. That’s why we have begun following up with the individuals we train!

Meet Mitchell

We’d like to introduce you to Mitchell Green, a Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centre physiotherapist. The company he works for is a leader in physiotherapy and rehabilitation in the Greater Ottawa Region. With over 24 locations, they are accessible to everyone within the city and surrounding areas.

Pro Physio

A few weeks ago, Mitchell completed Metriks FCE training with Metriks President Kevin Cairns. Upon finishing his training, we asked him a few questions. Provided below are his responses:

  1. What were your favourite parts about the training?

“I enjoyed going over the different testing tools that I will be using in future testing. The videos are a great resource for future reference. The Metriks program looks easy to use and I am excited to add this certification to my current testing toolbox.”

  1. How will you use what you learned in the training?

“I will be using my training to perform FAE’s for the company I currently work for, ProPhysio.”

  1. Was there anything you would like to see improved?  

“At this time, I cannot think of anyway by which the training can be improved.”

Have you been trained by Metriks? Would you like to provide feedback? Send an email to