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Functional Lift Platform for FCE evaluations



The Metriks Functional Lift Platform is used for Functional Capacity Evaluations. It has two height adjustable shelves for dynamic lifting. Each shelf has built in holes for Non-Material Handling testing of reaching, handling, fine dexterity, crouching, kneeling and bending. The Push Pull attachment allows for Isometric Push testing.

All clients referred for a Functional Capacity Evaluation, and who need their strength capacities (lifting, carrying, and pushing/pulling) determined, will undergo a series of materials handling testing on a gradual basis in accordance with the individual’s needs and/or abilities per medical diagnosis. All clients will be attached to a pulse rate/heart monitor during testing.


To establish and/or determine an individual’s present and safe strength capacities as defined by the Department of Labor / Dictionary Of Occupational Titles (DOT) Titles – Classification of Strength, with regards to lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling (see figure: 1); relative to a specific job or for the purposes of job placement within the individual’s demonstrated abilities.

The easy set-up allows for portable functional capacity evaluations.