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Office Ergonomic Assessment

1/2 day course

Instructor: Kevin Cairns

Office ergonomics has become an increasingly more important factor in the work place. In recent years there has been a shift in the type of work being performed leading to greater injuries in the office.

There are numerous risk factors that potentially contribute to poor ergonomics, but when it comes to addressing these risks in the office, these are reduced to a handful. The primary risk factors addressed in the course of this teaching manual are: Posture, Repetition, and Static Force.

Learning Outcomes

In this course we will be going through each device or furniture that is used in an office environment. We will be providing you with the tools to assess the device or furniture along with potential resolutions for typical problems.


– Common Ergonomic issues related to chair
– Tips for Measuring Chair
– Measuring Anthropometrics for Chair


– Common issues related to Workstation
– Keyboard and Mouse (Including Platforms)
– Common issues related to Keyboard/Mouse
– Document Holders
– Monitors/VDT (Visual Display Terminals)
– Distance of VDT and eye Issues
– Common Issues for VDT complaints
– Telephone.


Who Should Attend