Announcing Metriks FCE website launch!

We do A LOT here at Metriks. Our business has various components and offers multiple services, which is why we have three websites:

1. Metriks Hardware,
2. Metriks Functional Capacity Evaluation Software (FCE),
3. Metriks Education.

Let’s explore the new FCE page.

Screenshot 2014-11-13 19.40.24

Metriks FCE Website!

This website was designed for Metriks Rehabilitation Assessment Management (RAM) software. The software automates the data collection and report writing for functional assessments, including Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).

The Metriks FCE website includes:
1. RAM software pricing,
2. RAM software features,
3. Research,
4. Sample reports,
5. Endorsements.

Let us know what you think of the site!