FAQ Metriks

Have a question? We have an answer! Provided below are Metriks frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers. If you require more information or have a question that isn’t listed, please email laura@metriksfce.com.

1. How does your software generate a report?

The software application has a series of tests that are organized into a protocol. Once you have entered the data into each test, there is a Generate Report option. The report generator allows you to select from a list of MS Word templates. Once you have selected the template the application generates a MS Word document that you can download and save to your local computer.

2. Can I add my company logo to the report template?

The MS word templates can be customized with your company logo. In fact we can use your existing FCE report format to create a completing customized and unique template for your company.

3. Do I need internet access to use your software?

The metriks software is an online application that requires internet access. However the application can create an excel spreadsheet version of an assessment that can be completed “offline”. Once you have completed your assessment on the excel sheet you can upload it to the application. This allows for the completion of assessments in locations with limited or no internet access.

4. I have my own measurement tools can I use them with the Metriks Software?

Yes the tests in the Metriks software allow you to use any appropriate tools for doing the measurement. For example we would recommend the Metriks inclinometer for measuring shoulder range of motion, but you coul‎d also use your own plastic goniometer.

5. I have a Purdue Pegboard can I perform that test with your software?

Yes, a Purdue pegboard could be used as part of an FCE using the Metriks software. The stock Metriks FCE protocol includes a full battery of tests, but additional tests can be added to the protocol by using the ADD TEST feature. The Metriks system includes over 400 of the most common FCE tests.