We’re pleased to announce that Metriks has developed a BRAND NEW inclinometer! It has more features and functionality, making spine and extremity range of motion measurement easier.

What is an inclinometer?

An inclinometer is the faster and smarter way to measure spine and extremity ranges of motion. Fun fact, it is the tool recommended by the American Medical Association for measuring range of motion!

What great features did we keep?

  • Features a zero button, an absolute zero button, and a hold button,
  • Produces easy to read digital results,
  • Measures true range of motion of the spine,
  • Measures extremity ROM using single or dual inclinometry.

What did we make better?

  • Larger and Easier to read  LCD screen,
  • More responsive buttons for faster zero,
  • Instruction booklet for measuring extremity range of motion,
  • Magnets on 3 sides for easier and more versatile placement of attachments,
  • New longer lasting 9 volt battery.

Order our new inclinometer here. Want to order or need more information regarding Metriks inclinometer? Send us an email at laura@metriksfce.com! We’re always here to answer your questions and offer support.

Metriks Inclinometer