On June 6th 2011, Apple announced their free iCloud service. read more…

Two and half years ago, when Metriks began developing our RAM software, we looked to the future. Our goal was to design software that would be adaptive, flexible, and relevant in a changing world. So, we built a browser-based program that runs locally on a computer, but will also have the ability to run as a cloud-based program on the Internet.

Currently, our customers can run the RAM software in Firefox with or without being connected to the Internet. Soon, our customers will be able to use any computer to access the RAM software that exists on a cloud server.

The soon-to-be-released, enterprise version of the Metriks RAM software will make it possible for companies to share a single database, with different levels of security access, among many evaluators, quality assurance managers, and assessment schedulers.

The Cloud is the future for software, and the Metriks RAM software was built for the Cloud.