Feeling lethargic today? Does your head feel fuzzy? Are you discouraged that your past weeks of exercising were wasted on a weekend of too much food and merriment?

Do not worry, just restart your exercise routine. A couple of pelvic tilts or a couple of steps and your body will take over.

Before the summer starts it is all about taking control of your waist line and getting your muscles to shine. Your muscles should be stronger. You just need to burn through a few layers of stored calories to find them.

Looking for some motivation?

Did you sneak an extra Easter creme egg? 170 calories, a slice of apple pie: 400 calories, chocolate bunny: 200 calories, 20 jelly beans: 160 calories.

How does that relate to exercise? A 1.5 kilometer walk burns about 100 calories, a 20 minute bike ride to work 200 calories.

Generally, to maintain your weight, the amount of calories you take in should equal the amount you burn. To lose one U.S. pound (.454 kg), you must burn 3,500 more calories than you take in as food.

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