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Digital Inclinometer

Measure range of motion with the Metriks digital inclinometer.

Force Gauge (Push & Pull)

Measure push & pull forces in a PDA or FCE

Functional Cube

Measure functional capacity with our functional cube.

Why choose Metriks?

The Metriks system has been an effective tool assisting health care providers with data collection for more than 10 years. Since 2005, Metriks Education Inc., has worked closely with Sheridan College researchers and clinical professionals to develop the Metriks FCE certification program, protocol, and the tools (including the data collection software). The Metriks FCE system insures a high quality functional evaluation through the integration of these three critical components. Each of these components is interrelated to the others. Each has areas that may be at risk for a legal challenge unless strategies are in place to proactively manage these areas.