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Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification

20 contact hours

Instructor: Kevin Cairns

In this course, students become familiar with the field of Disability and Impairment ratings with a specific focus on the Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE). The interaction of the FCE and Occupational Job Demands is also covered. Students will comprehensively examine and apply various methods of evaluating Disability and Impairment in both healthy and injured clients. Critical evaluation of test results as they relate to musculoskeletal injury and safety risk factors will also be creatively applied to encourage a comprehensive approach to disability health management.

Introduction to the FCE

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to use the scientific method to perform and FCE. This includes making careful observations, understanding the referral questions, analyzing the FCE data, making appropriate recommendations and ultimately: concisely and coherently answering the referral questions. You will learn how to conduct the major types of testing used by FCE Evaluators in their quests for performing FCE’s and writing FCE reports. You will learn to communicate your discoveries to others by writing in a succinct and organized fashion.


Who Should Attend

Health Care Professionals who wish to become Certified FCE Evaluators and learn how to use human performance measurement tools to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations. The principal objective of this course is to introduce you to the FCE process. This includes developing the technical skills to conduct an FCE as well as, the ability to read and solve problems, reasoning by analogy, formulating good questions, and the use of the FCE data to produce a meaningful report.