Earlier this year, Shaun Karp, a long-time customer, asked if I would be interested in selling a product he had developed called the Abdometer. It was outside the normal market we sell to, but had a measurement element consistent with Metriks’ focus. Before I put my name fully behind it, I wanted to test to see if it really worked. I created an 8-week Abdometer challenge and invited 17 friends to join. We would follow an 8-week core strengthening exercise program designed by Shaun, and we would track our progress. I created a website that allowed participants to upload their weekly core strength scores, communicate with other participants and upload weekly photos. For extra motivation, I secured prizes for the participants who received the most votes.

There are 2 weeks left in the 8-week core exercise challenge. I need your votes to help motivate me through the final weeks. Vote today! The Abdometer Challenge Facebook page needs your Likes to get its own URL. Like today!

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Currently we are looking for sign ups for Challenge #2. The cost of the 8-week program is $99.95 and includes the Abdometer, and 8 week exercise program, motivational blog posts, and access to the interactive website where you can communicate with the other participants. You can sign up here, or contact me via email kevin@metriks.ca.

Invite your friends or family to join the challenge!