I spent the past two days as part of a working group, creating a description of entry-level competencies in the Kinesiology profession. It was a very interesting process. The working group was filled with Kinesiologists encompassing the wide variety of areas that Kinesiologists work: cardiac rehabilitation, rehabilitation, disability management, education, ergonomics, exercise physiology,independent assessment, and personal training.

The discussions were lively and enlightening. It was also mixed with times of boredom and frustration, all to be expected when working with a large group. Our biggest step was when we moved from discussing what a Kinesiologist would know upon graduation, to what a Kin must know upon entry to practice. We read and re-read the scope of practice of Kinesiology:

The practice of kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance.

We worked as a large group and also broke into smaller working groups, both processes had advantages and disadvantages. Time flew by. During the final large group review, I suggested and we implemented a 3 minute per item discussion time. Even with this, we were still discussing the final item at 4:55!

In the end, we accomplished our goal of creating a list of entry-level competencies. I walked away feeling proud of group. I also connected and re-connected to some awesome people!

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