You hear us talk about FCE training a lot, but what about Acumar training? Last week, Metriks President and Founder, Kevin Cairns, conducted Acumar training sessions with the North Alabama Spine and Rehab, and Henry Ford Hospital. He had a blast working with both of these institutions, and is grateful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them!

Isela, who conducted the training at North Alabama Spine and Rehab with Metriks, had this to say about the Acumar training: “[North Alabama Spine and Rehab] will use the Acumar daily with our patients by getting the correct reading. Overall, the training was excellent. Kevin explained and answered all of our questions.”

But, what is Acumar Training?

In 2013, Metriks started offering private LIVE video conference training for the Acumar Inclinometer. Allowing students to save money and travel time by logging in from their home or office to receive one-on-one training from an industry expert.

The Acumar training session was created for healthcare professionals who wish to become proficient with the Acumar Inclinometer. This is a valuable complement to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. Metriks live training shows users how to reproducibly and accurately measure range of motion (ROM) with the Acumar Inclinometer.

The training teaches users in a step-by-step fashion the proper method to obtain and record ROM measurements for greater reproducibility and accuracy. Training will include hands on instruction on how to use the Acumar Inclinometer and how to document clinical observations.

Register now at the Metriks website and select Range of Motion Measurement to schedule your one-on-one training.

Metriks Acumar Data Collection