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Personal injury lawyers are fed up with FSCO mediation delays. Darcy Merkur from Thomson, Rogers stated in the Law Times “The delays associated with Ontario’s mandatory accident benefit dispute process are ridiculous.
The Financial Services Commission of Ontario has failed to provide a timely process for resolving disputes over accident benefits.”

His article prompted this reply from a poster called Brian “…FSCO has long displayed its pro-insurer approach to auto insurance regulation, monitoring and enforcement. What about FSCO’s strong stance against unqualified (treatment) provider assessments which it says constitute fraud? Why is there no analagous stance against the plethora of unqualifed insurer commissioned assessments littering the FSCO landscape? Why does FSCO issue press releases stating it won’t tolerate the former but is completely silent when confronted with the latter. Maybe Law Times could ask? Why has FSCO not even once used the deceptive practice legislation to punish insurers for relying on unqualified assessments to deny policy benefits? To the extent FSCO has become a puppet of the auto insurers – shouldn’t the insurers rather than the taxpayer fund it?”

Click here to to read Darcy Merkur’s full article in the Law Times.