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In Nova Scotia there was a review of the Minor Injury

What did the review find:

1. Insufficient compensation: The existing cap provides
insufficient compensation for the pain, inconvenience
and difficulties endured by many accident victims
who are subject to the cap.

2. Access to Legal Representation: It is difficult to
obtain legal representation and assistance for all
aspects of a claim if the injury is at risk of being
classified as “minor”.

3. Definition of ‘Minor’ Injury: Injuries are being captured
by the cap that most reasonable persons would not
consider to be “minor”.

4. Settlement Delays: Disputes take a long time to settle,
or end up in court, increasing costs for both injured
parties and insurers. The current definition of “minor
injury” is confusing, difficult to interpret and
encompasses a wide array of injuries which may be
a contributor to settlement delays.

5. Consumer Knowledge: Those injured in automobile
accidents may have little knowledge of their rights
and entitlements under insurance policies and may
not know how to obtain unbiased information.

Hey Ontarian’s! Does this sound familiar?

Since this review there has been an increase in the cap from $2500 to $7500 and a change to definition of a minor injury.

Read more on the Nova Scotia government website.