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This time of year the wish lists are long: lose a few pounds, get more sleep, eat better and be more positive. It can be daunting – it’s no wonder most resolutions are broken by February.

Here at Metriks, we have a few resolutions of our own. Outside asking our President, Kevin Cairns, to move the office to the Caribbean, we have other 2015 goals:

1. Keep Practicing:

Practice makes perfect. For us, practice also means improving the skills we offer as a business. That’s why this year we want to explore the widths and depths of our skills through research, seeking out expert advice, and breaking down boundaries. Practice is a great way to develop and perfect the skills we provide.

Do you want to practice? Take a look at our upcoming courses here.

2. Better Focus:

Kevin wants to give his full attention to all the tasks he’s engaged in. “In the past I have been distracted by new tasks, the buzzing BlackBerry in my pocket, or thinking about other things that need to get done. Although multi-tasking appears to be an efficient use of time, it ultimately leads to tasks being partially or poorly completed.”

That is why he’s planning on focusing on one task at a time. He’s not the only one who thinks that multitasking is no good. Learn more.

3. Communication with Clients:

Over the past few months, we have worked hard to develop new communication channels with our clients. From creating social media pages to a MailChimp newsletter, we have done a lot! Our goal is to continue developing this area of Metriks in 2015.

Speaking of our newsletter, if you want to join our mailing list send an email to laura@metriksfce.com.

Happy New Year!