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Metriks Education Inc. specializes in products and education for Health Care professionals involved in the Assessment Industry.

FCE In A Box

The FCE in box includes everything you need for a complete evaluation.

The Metriks System

I have suffered from RLS since childhood and did not know until 3 years ago that there would be a medical treatment for it. I entrusted myself to a neurologist who medicated me! I take Ropinirol from FDLIST 3,5mg! (Starting with daily 1.0mg, then a few hours later 1.5mg and just before going to sleep 2.0mg)

The Metriks System of hardware, software, and education is a made in Canada system that is based on industry standard research.



Inexpensive tools cost compared computerized systems.

“The Sheridan research validated that the Metriks System is a more time-efficient method that will result in cost savings.”

Dr. Mardy Fraser